May 29, 2024: How to win in Sales 📈

It's all about resilience and knowing how to hire


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How to: Build a resilient Sales team that wins

As we know, Sales is important - and having resilient sales teams tops that.

In this latest content piece, we review the ins and outs of building a resilient sales team that wins and show you how to build one for your startup that will take you from early stage to giant.

Why is this important?

In this presentation, Nichole Porter, Director of Sales at Relay Financial breaks down the mistakes most sales teams are making and how you can set yourself apart and build a sales team that delivers.

Here are the top points from Nicole Porter's talk on building antifragile sales teams:

  • Background and Experience: Nichole shares her background, including her experience as a first-generation Canadian from a Vietnam War refugee family and her professional journey through companies like Blackberry, Shopify, and now Relay.

  • Definition of Antifragility: Nichole highlights the concept of antifragility, emphasizing that antifragility goes beyond resilience. While resilience resists shocks and remains the same, antifragility benefits from disorder and becomes stronger.

  • Importance in Sales Teams: She stresses the importance of building antifragile sales teams in startups, particularly during challenging times. Antifragile teams not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

  • Key Traits for Hiring: Nicole identified critical traits to look for when hiring for antifragility including growth mindset, emotional intelligence, and more,

  • Coaching for Antifragility: Nicole advocates coaching sales teams using Stoic principles such as focusing on controllables, embracing adversity, and much more.

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