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  • May 21, 2024: How to win friends & influence investors đź‘€

May 21, 2024: How to win friends & influence investors đź‘€

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How to win friends and influence investors

One of the major focal points on the Founder journey has (interestingly enough) been something we’ve heard a lot about recently.

Through multiple discussions and conversations, we keep hearing the same thing. Whether it’s a breakthrough or a pain point, it is critical. What is it you ask?

Drum roll…

None other than the Founder/Investor Relationship.

In an era of navigating the unpredictable ebbs and flows of a tech ecosystem riddled with consistent fluctuations and challenges, the importance of relationship building remains top of mind (for both VCs and the founders they are investing time and money into).

Given the popularity of this discussion point, we thought it would be an interesting Founder FAQ to tackle today.

For this one in particular, we are taking inspiration from a recent presentation from the Co-Founder and CEO of WFHomie, Pavla Bobosikova.

Let's dive in...

One thing we noted from Pavla's presentation, was her interesting breakdown of what she referred to as the "Investor Helpfulness Matrix" which emphasized the paramount role of communication.

What is the Investor Helpfulness Matrix?

Pavla shared that this matrix (for her) is a helpful tool she developed to assist fellow founders in navigating the diverse landscape of investor relationships. This matrix classifies investors based on their inclination to engage, relevant knowledge, and preferred level of involvement—ranging from silent support to active participation.

The underlying advice is clear: founders must strategically allocate their time, focusing on interactions with engaged and knowledgeable investors to maximize mutual benefits.

Communication is Key

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Pavla emphasized something else important during her presentation... transparent and effective communication.

Drawing from personal experience, she admits to initially misconstruing the founder-investor relationship, viewing it as a transactional exchange. However, she now advocates for regular and clear investor updates, delivered on a monthly basis and following a structured template. This approach enables investors to stay informed about the company's progress, fostering a sense of trust and understanding.

Check out some investor update templates we like here

Founder's Responsibilities

There are three fundamental responsibilities for a founder to note.

  • Firstly, founders must provide regular investor updates to keep stakeholders in the loop.

  • Secondly, they should make themselves available for complex discussions, showcasing transparency and openness.

  • Lastly, founders should strategically ask for help when needed, ensuring that the investor's expertise is leveraged for maximum impact. By proactively managing these elements, founders can fortify the bonds with their investors.

Navigating Investor Queries

Pavla emphasized her own experience of recognizing the importance of better relationship management when faced with a barrage of questions and feedback. Founders are advised to distinguish between routine metric updates and strategic conversations, ensuring that both parties make the most of their time. This approach promotes a meaningful exchange of ideas and insights.

Takeaways for Founders and Investors

The biggest takeaway for Founders... proactively managing a dynamic connection. For investors... demonstrate support by actively responding to updates and stepping in when needed.

The insights provided serve as a comprehensive guide for tech founders, offering a roadmap to transform their founder-investor relationships into mutually beneficial partnerships. With this knowledge in hand, entrepreneurs can navigate the complex investor landscape with confidence and finesse.

Has there been anything you've learned during the relationship-building process? Reply to this email and share your advice directly.


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