May 28, 2024: Monsters, aliens, robots and zombies 👽

OH my!

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Monsters, aliens, robots and zombies (OH my!)

Today, we meet MARZ, a company using innovative technology to solve unique VFX problems.

With two Emmy nominations, more than 100 projects completed, and some notable film and TV titles in their portfolio, we’re excited to learn more about all the innovations MARZ is putting out and the continued domination of tech within the entertainment industry overall.

What is MARZ?

MARZ (Monsters, Aliens, Robots, and Zombies), is an AI technology startup and visual effects (VFX) studio dedicated to helping Hollywood enhance the scope, quality, and volume of VFX.

MARZ streamlines the creation of top-tier VFX through the use of proprietary AI automation software, GPU clusters, and a team of world-class experts. Since its establishment, the company has contributed to over 120 TV series, including notable titles such as Wednesday, Cabinet of Curiosities, Stranger Things (Season 4), Umbrella Academy, Moon Knight, Spiderman: No Way Home, Ms. Marvel, WandaVision, and Watchmen. Their prestigious client list features major industry players like Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Apple, Amazon Prime, HBO, Warner Bros, Showtime, Hulu, Paramount, CBS, and NBC Universal.

Why else do we love this concept?

Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) started out of a basement on Queen Street, and today, the Toronto-based visual effects company is working on some of the world's biggest shows, including Netflix's Wednesday, where MARZ is responsible for animating the disembodied hand known as "Thing."

Aside from its ability to create, they are also using their LipDubAI and VanityAI to aid in the element of some movie magic. From de-aging actors like Willem Defoe for the most recent Spider-Man movie, or helping actors look seamless using automated lip-syncing technology - they are using tech and AI to revolutionize they way we experience entertainment and Hollywood and around the world.

Pretty cool stuff.

What inspired this?

Founded by Matthew Panousis, film producer Jonathan Bronfman, and VFX expert Lon Molnar, the founders recognized a surge in TV production, with more shows airing and streaming than ever before, and identified a shortage of VFX artists to keep up with this demand. They also noted that TV special effects often lagged behind those in films due to tighter timelines and smaller budgets.

This inspired them to try and solve a problem and make an impact across the industry.

Interested in learning more?

Matt Panousis, Co-Founder and COO of MARZ will be in attendance for our upcoming TechTO: Marketing event to chat all about the film industry, the development of MARZ, and the surge of tech and AI in the filmmaking business.


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