May 29, 2023: Decisions, decisions

Dating is getting easier (really...), meet the AI powered load origination and decisioning software that will transform your life, more event news you won't want to miss, and more!

Profile: Spruce Software

What is Spruce?

Spruce is an AI-powered loan origination and decisioning software that can collect, analyze, underwrite, and monitor small business data.

What is the insight/reason that you launched this business?
While working for a venture debt lender, we found the applicants often weren't clear on their businesses’ financial health and their ability to take on debt safely. That meant that we, the lender, had to do the manual grunt work to analyze each applicant.

Spruce automates this process by integrating with the software and bank accounts used by the applicants. Spruce generates an AI-powered financial score that helps lenders evaluate applications in minutes.

How did you get started?
We created the software while working for a debt lender and piloted the software with our existing portfolio. Through the success of the pilot project internally, we started sharing the software with a specific group of lenders. Recently, we have opened this software up to the public.

How did you find your Co-Founders?
We met back in undergrad. After 10 years of building our own companies separately, we reconnected with a shared passion to use AI to solve financial industry pain points.

How did you get your first customer?
Our first external customer, who we still work with today, is an innovative Government of Canada micro-lending agency. We met through internal contacts and instantly connected over the desire to improve the challenges of lending.

Any interesting metrics you’d like to share?
So far, we have over 1,000 applications processed and over 200 businesses funded through the platform.

Who are your customers and how do you help them?
We help government, traditional, and non-traditional lenders use data to help inform and/or automate their internal processes.

What is your biggest victory? What setback(s) did you overcome to get here?
Building the technology. I have a huge appreciation for our engineers who created the platform. From data normalization to predictive modeling, there was no shortage of complex problems we had to solve with the build-out.

What piece of advice would you like to pass on to other Founders?
Even though founders are building separate products, the core problems we experience are shared amongst many. I can not understate how important conversations with other founders have been for helping Spruce grow.

What are the highlights of working at your company?
As a young company, every decision - and person - has a meaningful impact on the company.

Learn more about Spruce and the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator: Toronto here

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