May 24, 2023: Getting fit just got easier

15$ event tickets, how AI is simplifying our workouts, Rumble makes an acquisition and more

Profile: Andrew Just and Train Fitness Inc.

What is Train Fitness?

Train Fitness provides automatic exercise tracking for strength workouts.

Learn more at

What was the insight/inspiration that led you to launch it?

As a fitness enthusiast, I was tired of manually logging my workouts, so I decided to create a solution to automatically track them!

How has it been received by the market? Why do you think it has been so well received?

Overall very well! We are the first to provide automatic exercise tracking in the market, so most users are very surprised and excited by the app.

How did you know you were ready to found a company?

To be honest, I didn't, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from trying. My background is in AI & development, so I felt like I was a right fit for this company.

Left to Right: Co-Founders Antoine Neidecker and Andrew Just

What has been the hardest thing on your journey so far?

Definitely, the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is a startup. The ups are incredible, but there are a lot of hard days, and staying determined through these can be really challenging.

What has been the most pleasant surprise?

How supportive some VCs are!

Who is the unsung hero on the team? Why?

Our backend and AI team.

Backend code doesn't get a lot of praise, but it is the glue that holds it all together and really should be recognized more!

A look at how the App works

What are you trying to achieve over the next 12 months?

We're trying to get to 100,000 WAUs!

What advice do you wish you had been given prior to launching?

I wish I had started earlier, and been told to not wait for the "perfect time" to start a startup.

Learn more about Andrew and Train Fitness here

Quick Takes: Let’s get ready to Rumble

What is the news?

Toronto-based company Rumble has acquired CallIn, a podcasting and live-streaming platform founded by David Sacks. Sacks, known for his roles in Craft Ventures, Yammer, and PayPal, will join the Rumble Board.

What does this mean?

The acquisition strengthens Rumble's connections to the "PayPal mafia," which includes investor Peter Thiel, who has supported Rumble since its private days and through its public listing via a SPAC.

Why is this news relevant to us?

Beyond the PayPal connection, Rumble's acquisition of CallIn serves to enhance its video sharing and social media platform, making it easier for users to utilize their app and post-production tools. Rumble has positioned itself as a platform that rejects cancel culture, attracting conservative media and personalities.

Being part of a strong alumni community, like the PayPal mafia, can have lifelong implications, and Rumble's anti-censorship stance has helped it gain creators and an audience.

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