June 5, 2024: The limit does not exist ❌

To creating brand new forms of content that is...


Using your imagination just got easier.

Today we meet ImagineCreate AI, the tool designed to help you generate and share high-quality product images and videos using sophisticated AI tools. If you work in e-commerce, with brands, agencies, or other creators, we may have just saved you a lot of time.

Why is this important?

In this presentation, Founder Fatima Yusuf shares the inspiration behind this idea and why utilizing AI in this realm of sales and business has become critical.

With many years of e-commerce experience behind her, as a Shopify alum, she shared her journey to building this revolutionary platform that has supported users of TikTok, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and (of course) Shopify to create captivating content for their products and brand.

She took the stage at a recent TechTO: Together to share more insights with our community.

Here are the top points from Fatima's talk on Marketing with AI and building ImagineCreate:

Background and Education:

  • Fatima shares more about her connection to Rotman and her early years in tech

Professional Experience:

  • She touches on her Shopify experience, leading partnerships, the app ecosystem business, and referral agencies.

  • She goes into detail about the first company she founded and her transition into building ImagineCreate

Current Venture - ImagineCreate AI:

  • Fatima chats about her current venture and emphasizes the importance of integrating AI tools in the creative marketing process and making it affordable.

Lessons and Advice:

  • Choosing an Idea: Focus on areas where you already have knowledge or spend a lot of time.

  • Global Perspective: Experience different markets to gain broader insights and understand diverse problems.

  • Storytelling: Essential for securing funding, attracting employees, and convincing customers. Check out her three-step framework in the video.

  • AI Proficiency: The importance of learning to build with AI, not just using basic queries, as it will be crucial for future opportunities.

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