July 26, 2023: Meet your next moving buddy

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Profile: MoveMate

What is MoveMate and why did you launch it?

MoveMate is the platform where users can find everything they need for their move: book in under 3 minutes, get a fixed quote in real time and receive top-notch service from vetted movers.

Like most people, we’ve experienced several bad moving experiences. Whether it’s movers not showing up on time, not showing up at all, or charging double what was initially quoted, there’s so much friction come moving day. Unlike nearly every other aspect of our lives, moving hasn’t seen technological improvements. The entire moving industry hasn’t evolved in decades.

Why hasn’t the moving industry changed?

Issues go far beyond the lack of quality, price transparency, and tech enablement. It’s a seasonal business, with high customer acquisition costs and low lifetime value; it’s difficult for most players to achieve high volumes without sacrificing their margins.

How is MoveMate solving these problems?

We launched a B2B vertical to deseasonalize the business, secure greater volume and gain economies of scale. We’ve found creative distribution channels to lower our CAC but we’re staying tight-lipped – it’s our secret sauce!

What about lifetime value? People don’t move every week, or even every year.

We don’t see moving as just hauling your things from point A to point B. Moving involves buying and selling furniture, cleaning, junk removal, and many more services. By the time someone is settled in, months have gone by. That’s why we’re launching affiliate services on our platform and creating long-term value for the customer.

What are you most proud of?

Over the past two years we’ve grown over 500%, launched seven major Canadian cities, and completed over 25,000 transactions. We also have an incredible team behind us.

Move with us and see how easy it can be.

Learn more about MoveMate here

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