June 13, 2024: Hinge is officially cancelled 🚫

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Hinge is so last year…

Today, we meet Bokay, the reason you’ll no longer look to Hinge, Tinder or Bumble for your dating needs again (they need a revamp anyways)

Stay with us. We think this is pretty cool. No more endless swiping, it’s time for a change. Bokay Co-Founder and CEO Ali Momen shared some insights on Bokay and why it’s changing the (dating) game.

What is Bokay?

Bokay is a dating app that aims to slow the swipe by offering a much-needed alternative to superficial judgments based solely on looks.

Their unique approach features profiles with blurred photos that gradually unblur as users swipe through evocative prompts. This way, users can form meaningful connections without letting physical attributes take over. We want users to make a more mindful decision on who they want to date.

In addition to Bokay, they’ve also launched Juno, an AI-powered relationship coach! It’s the first-ever integration of an AI relationship coach within a dating app.

How has it been received by the market?

When the team at Bokay decided to make a dating app, they were well aware of the very crowded market they were entering. There are currently around 1,500 dating apps in North America, possibly even more! But the number that stood out was 11%—the percentage of people who are satisfied with the dating apps they use. That’s where they saw an opportunity.

The focus was solely on creating a dating app that people would genuinely love to use.

In the month or so since launch, they’ve surpassed what other high-profile entrants have achieved in a year, even with millions in funding. If you create something truly from the heart, with a clear vision and opinion, people will feel it when they use it.

Why has Bokay been so well received? People have been swiping left and right for almost 15 years. The market has matured, but the dating apps haven’t. Bokay reflects the feeling of entering a relationship with your body, heart, and mind.

What was the biggest hurdle?

Combating people’s distaste and dissatisfaction with dating apps requires embracing their cynicism while tapping into their hope. Bokay acknowledges the frustration, but also recognizes the core promise of a dating app: the possibility of finding someone who wasn’t in your immediate circles but has been walking the same path as you all along.

The goal is to honor that promise and create a space where genuine connections can flourish, despite the skepticism that often surrounds the online dating world.

What do the next 12 months look like for Bokay?

The goal of 50,000 downloads and preparation for a launch in the United States. Stay tuned.

We asked the Founder, what is the best advice you’d share with others?

Don’t worry so much on being fast or first, focus on being the best, but you know, you gotta ship. There are no original ideas in this world and that it’s all execution. You are far more capable than you think. You will make mistakes because you’re a human being. There are people who will believe in you and the product and who will want to invest.


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