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For today’s IN THE NEWS, we look back on our in-depth chat with Tate Hackert, Co-Founder of ZayZoon. He joined a recent episode of our Founders Journey series to discuss his inspiration and growth journey which led him to build ZayZoon and continue its growth.

What is the news?

ZayZoon just announced an additional USD 15m in financing, extending their Series B.

Why do we want to highlight this episode?

We are highlighting this episode to showcase the unique journey of Tate and ZayZoon. When companies reach further milestones on their growth path, it’s important to look back at how these ideas came to life and the lessons many founders learn along the way.

Tate shared many useful nuggets with us that we think the community can learn from as well.

What did we learn?

The key themes of this interview include:

The Tough Journey that is Entrepreneurship:

Tate discusses his journey from working in a startup in Hong Kong to co-founding ZayZoon. He also highlights the initial inspiration for ZayZoon and how the idea evolved over time.

Imposter Syndrome and Building Confidence:

Tate reflects on experiencing imposter syndrome early in his career but gaining confidence through his startup experience, realizing he could turn his business ideas into reality.

Ideation and Brainstorming to reach new heights:

He discussed the process of ideation and brainstorming for ZayZoon, emphasizing the importance of research, exploration, and pulling on various threads to form hypotheses and solutions.

Team Building and Collaboration:

He shares insights into how he found his co-founders and built the team. Tate also discusses the significance of mentorship, networking, and aligning with individuals who shared his vision and values.

Employee Wellness and Culture and how ZayZoon came to be:

ZayZoon's focus on employee wellness and fostering a positive company culture is highlighted. This includes regular communication, alignment with company values, initiatives like daily scrums, and offsite events to build trust and community among employees.

Go-to-Market Strategy and how it can make or break you:

Tate discusses ZayZoon’s unique go-to-market strategy, which involved partnering with payroll companies to reach employers and, ultimately, employees. He then emphasized the importance of staying true to the long-tail approach despite challenges and competitors in the market.

The Future:

ZayZoon’s commitment to improving customer financial wellness is evident through their product offerings beyond earned wage access. These include financial education resources, tools for financial literacy, and alternative payment options like gift cards.

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