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  • June 12, 2024: Film, TV, Commercials and Branding will never be the same 🎬

June 12, 2024: Film, TV, Commercials and Branding will never be the same 🎬

Check out an impressive demo that even Patrick Mahomes is loving...


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Even Patrick Mahomes is getting behind this tech (not how you might think though).

Today we meet LipDub AI, a development of MARZ (Monsters, Aliens, Robots and Zombies) which is doing incredibly innovative things for the film, commercial, branding and television industry.

Why is this important?

In this presentation, Founder and COO Matt Panousis gave us an exclusive demo and insights into the innovative work that LipDub has done so far. Including commercials for Subway and even a few notable television series, you’ll see why AI is slowly getting integrated into every industry in today’s world.

We think it’s not only important to share the innovations that seem to be popping up at a rapid pace, but showcase how platforms like this continue to be helping humans evolve their work in ways they could have never predicted.

Here are the top points from Matt's talk on the idea, evolution and development of this unique product.

Company Background and Shift in Focus:

  • Initially a visual effects (VFX) company working on major projects (Marvel, Netflix).

  • In 2019, they explored automating VFX using AI to differentiate their business.

AI Product Development:

  • Developed a beautification tool for celebrities to enhance their appearances.

Inspiration for LipDub AI:

  • Inspired by the mismatched lip-syncing in dubbed shows (e.g., "Squid Game").

  • Created a product to synchronize lip movements with dubbed audio.

Key Benefits for Advertisers and Production Companies:

  • Better localization of ads, more cost-effective than reshoots.

  • More engaging than subtitles or traditional dubs.

  • Localization: Example ads where original English ads were dubbed into multiple languages.

  • Extending Video Shelf Life: Minor tweaks to high-cost production videos without reshooting (examples with David Beckham and State Farm).

  • Performance Marketing: Generating multiple iterations of a single video asset for large-scale use.

Interesting Technology Details

  • Fully automated process that syncs new audio with lip movements.

  • Software regenerates facial movements from the eyes down.

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