March 20, 2024: The evolution of a health tech entity 🩺

The story of PocketHealth is truly inspiring. They also just announced a huge raise


For today’s IN THE NEWS, we look back on our in-depth chat with Rishi Nayyar, Co-Founder of PocketHealth

PocketHealth just made news with the announcement of a $33m Series B.

Today’s look back

Today, we look back on our past Founders Journey episode where we had the opportunity to chat with Rishi about his early years as a Founder and exactly how he grew Pocket Health into what it is today.

More on Rishi

Rishi is an Ivey Business grad, a former Investment Banker who transitioned into the healthcare space after discovering the disconnect between healthcare practitioners and their patients. From there, he and his brother launched PocketHealth.

PocketHealth is a cloud platform that allows medical imaging providers to share imaging records with patients securely and instantly. The platform has expanded its capabilities to allow sharing between hospitals and physicians, making it a comprehensive image management solution for over 500 hospital and imaging clinic customers in North America.

PocketHealth emphasizes the importance of placing patients at the center of the record release process, leading to more ethical, secure, and convenient data sharing throughout the care journey.

Rishi also chatted more about:

  • Early years

  • The inspiration behind PocketHealth

  • The secrets to scaling a business

  • Getting your customers to sell your product for you

  • The journey to 1 million patients

  • The future of healthcare

  • Starting a business with your sibling

  • Best lessons for success

  • What the future holds for PocketHealth

Listen now on AppleSpotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts 

In this episode, we also cover:

(0:00) Intro to Rishi and his early years

(1:58) The inspiration behind PocketHealth

(3:00) The fears around launching PocketHealth, and how he overcame them

(5:54) The benefits of using PocketHealth, and how it supports healthcare professionals

(9:44) Getting patients invested and signing up for PocketHealth

(13:50) Getting your customers to sell your product for you

(15:33) How has the product evolved?

(18:43) The last year at PocketHealth

(23:00) The importance of finding the right investor

(28:10) The impacts of AI on healthcare and PocketHealth

(30:53) Other trends impacting healthcare

(31:50) The future of PocketHealth and what we can expect


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