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The story of Cookin and how they're doing something different


In today’s new release, we look back at the wisdom and perspectives of the founder’s journey from Michael Baruch, Co-Founder of Cookin.

Cookin is today’s leading app used by culinary entrepreneurs to make launching and growing their online food business, easier.

Cookin is re-thinking the entire food delivery industry, from a new perspective, and faced many growing pains and important challenges along its journey to today.

Michael sits down at a recent TechTO to chat about:

  • His Founder background and early years

  • Transitioning a company into the digital age, digitizing its operations, and focusing on direct-to-consumer sales

  • Challenges with scaling a business

  • The idea for Cookin

  • Overcoming challenges in an ever-evolving industry

  • Managing expectations and supply and demand challenges


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