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  • January 10, 2024: A brand new episode and event to start the new year

January 10, 2024: A brand new episode and event to start the new year

Mark your calendars, and get ready for brand new content from TechTO ✅



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TechTO’s monthly events are back and better than ever. Register to check out what we’ve added to this year’s calendar. With new events announced monthly, follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter to learn about events as they happen.

Check out our full events calendar below and see what we’re doing to bring the community together this year:

TechTO: Together | Together Series | January 17, 2024 - Ring in the new year and kick things off with a bang! We return to Rotman to bring you more of the conversations, networking, and after-party you love!

TechTO x Rotman | Together Series | February 12, 2024 - We’re back at Rotman and excited to partner with them to bring you more exclusive events, networking, and industry access for 2024. More details to come!

TechTO: Marketing | February 26, 2024 - Unlock the power of marketing in the tech sphere at TechTO: Marketing. Dive into a dynamic fusion of strategy, creativity, and innovation as industry pioneers share insights and best practices.

Best of TechTO: LIVE from City Hall | March 18, 2024 - Our Best of TechTO series returns to City Hall, offering more of the networking, conversations, inspiration, and after-party you love! Be part of the most exclusive community in Canadian tech. Join us to learn and grow within tech in an environment that makes networking and meeting your goals fun and laid back.

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How Super grew to their first 100 customers without a single line of code

In this special live episode of The Founders Journey, we were joined by Hussein of Super.com who shared his unique journey to becoming a Founder.

On this episode of the Founder's Journey, Hussein also took us through his strategy to building a strong customer base and building a team.

In this episode, we also chat about:

(01:52) What was the insight that led you to become a founder?

(2:57) What was the idea behind AdParlor? (One of his past companies)

(5:00) Why exit?

(6:05) The biggest lesson learned as a first-time founder?

(7:12) How did he know it was the right time to start Super?

(9:24) What was the idea behind Super?

(12:27) Why did you choose to fundraise the second time around?

(13:45) What is the current traction?

(14:39) How did he transition from travel to fintech?

(16:25) The benefits and challenges to building for lower to middle-class customers

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