August 2, 2023: Today we meet the CEO of Qui

What it takes to reach a massive exit, learn the ins and outs of growing a startup, more advice and news for the week, plus a recap of Intuit's Demo Day

Profile: Qui Identity and Kirk Simpson

What is Qui?

Built on a decentralized key management infrastructure (DKMI), Qui provides a way for individuals and organizations to verify and control their own identities and other critical data.

By sharing authentic, cryptographically signed data about themselves, and by knowing who stands behind claims they encounter, people and organizations can interact and transact with trust and confidence.

What was the insight/inspiration that led you to launch it?

Kirk Simpson and Peter Carrescia, co-founders and close friends, were searching for their next project.

They had experienced challenges in verifying customer identities at their previous company and were now facing similar issues with other types of data. They aimed to develop a solution for individuals and organizations to create, store, share, and access information that could be authenticated as true. This concept, termed "authentic data," encompassed various data about individuals and their interactions, all of which would be owned by the users themselves.

They planned to adopt a decentralized approach, allowing users to decide how and with whom they shared their data.

Ultimately, this authentic data would be employed in a trusted manner to access third-party products and services.

Left to Right: Peter and Kirk

Some advice for Founders looking to raise capital:

In mid-2022, as the venture funding market was showing signs of slowing down, Kirk and Peter sought to secure funding for their project. Despite the market conditions, their reputation as a successful team tackling a pressing problem garnered significant interest from investors. They were able to raise funding by presenting the idea that the adoption of authentic data technologies, though in its early stages, would see rapid growth in the coming years.

Peter emphasized that successful venture investors envision how the world will be in the future and seek out companies aligned with that vision. In this case, the belief was that individuals would increasingly take control of their authentic data, including identity data and other verified information. Investors were drawn to companies like theirs, addressing these emerging challenges.

Learn more about Kirk and Qui here

Kirk took the stage at a previous TechTO: Together event this past month. Check out all the highlights from his discussion:

Kirk Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO at Qui Identity shared his insights on the current market, growing his business, building a team, and filling gaps within his industry.

This video highlights:

[0:00] Meet Kirk and Qui Identity

[1:45] Early years in digital media and lessons learned

[2:40] What didn’t and didn’t work

[4:55] His most formative experience

[6:40] The most surprising lesson from growing Wave (his first business)

[9:00] The benefits of working for a large organization vs. a smaller one

[14:10] How Kirk decides where and who to invest in

[24:00] How to use Qui

[26:30] How to sign-up

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Partner Content

Intuit Prosperity Accelerator: Toronto Startups Got Talent!

Last month, Intuit in partnership with Highline Beta and our team at TechTO hosted the first in-person Demo Day in the three-year history of the accelerator. It was an incredible crescendo for the 4-month program featuring insightful conversations, startup presentations, and celebrations.

What happened at Demo Day?

Eight startups shared the spotlight to present their companies in front of prospective investors, innovation leaders, Intuit employees, and ecosystem collaborators. Each founder presented their startup journey and how their solution is powering financial prosperity for consumers, SMBs, and self-employed individuals.

Who are the startups and co-founders?

Did you know Intuit launched a Gen AI operating system?

David Marquis, VP and Canada Country Manager at Intuit led a fireside chat discussion with Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel about the company’s new generative AI operating system – GenOS – a proprietary platform capability that empowers Intuit technologists to experiment, rapidly prototype, design, and build and deploy breakthrough generative AI-driven experiences with unparalleled speed. Learn more about GenOS and Intuit’s mission to power prosperity around the world for more than 100 million consumer and small business customers here.

Miss the big show? Watch the full recording to learn more and see who took home the Customer Obsession and Best Pitch Award here.

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